It's almost half a year since I roast my own coffee with this DIY drum roaster.

It makes my coffee so fresh that I do not buy the roasted coffee anymore.

I have added a few aluminum sheets to stablize the flame as well as the drum temperature, but still has some uneven roasting problem.

I'll try a hot air popper next time.





My first 5-Kg Brazil Mogiana green beans have already gone half.

This bean is really good that it comes with a chocolate flavor.

I got it from Chiyang Coffee.




I always pick out the bad ones before roasting.

The quality of this bean is very good.

Not many bad beans.




Beautiful green beans.





My sister's family came visit us from Hsinchu for Lunar New Year holidays.

Both my sister and my brother-in-law are coffee lovers.

My brother-in-law is curious how I roast coffee so I did a demonstration.

I let John watch me roasting but told him to stay a distance from the roaster.




After I have done a batch, I let my brother-in-law do another batch.

I let him keep that batch so that he can tell his friends that he roasts his own coffee.





Dump the coffee in a colander.

Stir it with an electric fan blowing from below.





After cooling, put the beans in the valve bag.

Sign and date it.




After all, clean the chaff.



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