I have been thinking of roasting my own coffee for a while.

There are small home coffee roasting appliances available but are normally very expensive.

As a beginner, I chose the DIY approach.


After seeing all kinds of creative designs on the internet (ref1, ref2, ref3, ref4), a more specific idea was formed.

I then made a trip to a kitchen supply store to look for any suitable item for the roaster body.

This strainer basket looks perfect and can match with the lid of my steel cup.




Here we go~ 

Coffee roaster DIY   



I used a big fire in my first batch.

The roasting process turned out to be very fast and the coffee beans were very uneven.

The good thing was that I did witness the first and second cracks.




I did a second batch with a small fire.

It's better than the first batch.

After cooling, I put them in a container for resting and degassing.

It is said that they need 24 hour to fully develop their flavor and aroma.




The dry skin (chaff).



I couldn't wait to taste my own roasted coffee the next day.


It's not so bad.

I'll do more practice so that I can roast coffee more evenly and precisely.

It's fun, and I can always have a cup of fresh coffee.



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